What you should know before booking your flights!

Today we’ll be talking about how flight prices vary depending on some factors like the country where you buy your tickets from, or the day of the week when you do so.

For those of you who did not know, the same flight can be cheaper or more expensive whether we buy it from one country or another, whether you actually are in another country or you pretend so by using a proxy.

Ex TIME’s journalist Erica Ho describes how flights would rise every time she tried to book domestic flights from abroad: “Most of the people do not know that with an easy trick such as changing the country of purchase or the currency in which you buy, your flight ticket can raise or lower the price”. As a general rule tickets tend to be cheaper if purchased from countries with lower GDPs.

The second factor that affects the price of a plane ticket is the actual day of the week when the search is done. As a general principle, you should avoid those weekdays in which many soon-to-be travellers are surfing the web looking for good flight offers. For instance, it is well known that Fridays are not the best weekday to buy especially in the afternoon, because in the elation caused by the start of the weekend, people tend to figure out how just that weekend could be much greater if spent somewhere abroad, by actually buying tickets for a destination set in a cool full-of-nightlife city.

Another really bad moment for buying online tickets is Monday morning: in the desperate attempt to withdraw from office routine, loads of workers rush into flight comparators’ webs to buy the ticket for a plane that will get them as away as possible from their working places.

Another useful advice is not to search from the same computer more than once, as our IP is often reminded by the airline company, which will likely “remind” it and rise the price each time you do a new search, so you’ll end up paying more.

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