Music for a weekend getaway

If you are the kind of person that loves listening to music during weekend getaways, you already know it’s not easy to find the ideal soundtrack of your journey: as in everyday life, during any travel there are ups and downs, moments of extreme boredom and moments of high excitement. All of them should have their own tune, and a playlist made at the beginning of the trip may turn out inappropriate at a certain point.


Of course the best thing would be to have some live music, better if by surprise, like these passengers had in the underground.


Maybe the best option is to vary, if not among different styles, at least the artists reproducing on your smartphone’s playlist. If you’re a pop-rock classics lover you should give “Rolling Stones 500 greatest songs of all time” a try.


Even if questionable as every chart is, this list will provide you with all kind of all time classics, many of them you will have definitely already listened to at some point, but couldn’t get to know the name. In any case you will have really nice listenable material for many weekend getaways.

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