High-cost Flights

Many of us like to travel on a low budget, but a very small percentage of travellers can afford to get around properly. Luxurytravelexpert.com made a comparison of some first class cabins, resulting in a top 10 chart that proves that for a bunch of millionaires flying is an experience far more relaxing than for us common mortals laying on our very own bed on a sunday morning.

Thus, starting from the bottom of the chart, that is from the “shabby” ones, we find that Garuda provides its best customers with an ottoman (or chaise longue), whereas the guys from All Nippon Airways take for granted that you will get rid of your shoes as soon as you enter the aircraft, for which purpose you have your own shoes storage. On this subject, it is to be pointed out that also Oman Air has its own surplus storage, but here this space is for hanging your coat.

Swiss International Airlines places itself in the 6th position with the best onboard cusine, whereas Emirates follows. These guys have a minibar that would make crazy of envy many 5* hotels’ rooms.

In the top three we have Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Etihad Airways. The latter allows you to dine vis-à-vis with another passenger after you had a shower in the bathroom of your cabin!

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