Where do we come from?

Hello everybody!

In this post we will tell you how seeusoon firstly began.

It all started in Madrid in October of last year. Our group of friends had registered to attend to TechCrunch’s annual European event in France to participate to its hackathon. We had several beer-brainstorming sessions, we had also studied all the 1 minute pitches of the previous editions of the hackathon to get an idea of what we would be facing and we finally found an idea we were all agreeing on: it was it, it was our idea.

A couple of weeks later, we all travelled to London where the hackathon would take place to represent Spain in the competition and start working on what we had agreed back in Madrid earlier the same month.

We would create an app to help long distance couples get together, and it would be called: seeusoon.io!

At the time the team was made of Denis, my very good friend and genius Argentinian developer, Guillem, our friend from Barcelona who works as a computer science teacher, Miguel, a developer that we met a couples of month earlier in Madrid and Adhi, an Indonesian design student who we just met in front of the building while we were waiting to get in and finally me, Pierre.

Once the event started, the hard part began.. We had 24 hours, very few light and a lot of competitors inside the Old Billings Gate underground room to get a good prototype ready to be shown to the world on a big stage.

After a few hours of setting up the project, that would be web based, we started facing the first issues: flights data were harder to handle than thought, and time was literally flying by. Even though most of the air travel industry makes its money through online bookings, there is no easy way to get around.

img_6235After the whole night working and making friends with other people, we finally managed to get something we were happy with and it was time to present. We went up stage, and did our best with the little energy that we had left. The results is not brilliant (you can find it here: https://vimeo.com/118290228 ), but we were happy to be done and to have accomplished what we came for.

After waiting that all the other teams present, we listened to the award ceremony with little or no hope, until we heard our new company name in the speakers.. and twice! We got awarded the paymill sponsor prize as well has the second runner up prize which would allow us to pitch on the big stage the day after.

This is how seeusoon.io was born, and we hope that it will always keep this “hackahton spirit”: friends, lots of great people to meet and great amount of hard work!


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