Flying outfit

Today I will discuss the equipment I use to travel by airplane. I have a well-defined set of comfortable clothes and other stuff that I use every time I catch a plane:

  • Stretchable trousers: from the very begin of your trip you will continuously sitting down, standing up, and then sitting down again: you want to go through this in the most smooth and confortable way. If you don’t have stretchable trousers, a pair of jeans or even better a pair of chinos will do the work.
  • Hooded sweater. This one is a must. It offers many advantages with regard of wearing a jumper or not wearing nothing at all: you get sheltered from the cold of the street in cold months and you don’t get to freeze with the onboard A/C during summer trips. Plus, the hood is your best allied in fighting the daylight when you are onboard at sunrise or sunset hours or whenever you feel like taking a nap. Better if zipped.
  • If the hooded sweater is a must, this is clearly a condition-sine-qua-non for travelling. You never know when you are going to meet a -2 years old baby willing to ruin your peace while traveling, but for sure in a few companies you are likely to be gently distracted by some onboard adverts.
  • The same as the previous ones, these little wired things will allow you to listen to music while reducing background noise. That is why they must be those that are rubber coated and that will fill completely your earholes.



So far the essential stuff for a decent trip planner. There is also some gear that, if not imperative, will most likely make your trip more confortable:


  • Wheeled backpack: once you’ve landed, with this gadget you will be able to switch from paved to unpaved roads and keep walking without getting physically tired.
  • Sunglasses: of course you won’t need them if you’re planning to spend St. Valentine’s day in Oslo with your sweetheart but normally they will come in handy.



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