Airports ranking

Recently an interesting survey has been conducted among some 18.000 travelers that were given the chance to vote (from 1 to 5) the airport through which they had to pass whether on their go or on their way back. They had to give the facilities of the airport under exam, such as shopping areas, restaurants or toilets, among others, a score.


The chart has taken into account scales with an annual traffic rate of at least nine million travelers. Well it turns out the worst airport in the list is GIG (Rio de Janeiro), where passengers claim a lack of services, never ending check-in queues and baggage losses.



The airport placed in the second place of this black list belongs surprisingly to Germany, as the airport of Berlin Schönefeld has been TACHADO by its passengers for its …


The bronze medal of our list goes for the Beirut’s international airport (BEY). But as we climb up the list we find –and it could not be either way- Roma’s Ciampino airport, for its lack of organization.


The other side of the coin: best airports.


At the first place in the most rated airports’ list we find Düsseldorf’s, followed really closely by San Francisco (SFO), whereas the bronze medal now goes to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.

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